UW News

December 7, 2011

Mystery Photo: How well do you know the campus?

Where are we? The photo below was taken somewhere on campus.  You tell us where, and be specific.  The name of a building is not enough. You must tell us, for example, that it is the southwest side of the building, or the path in front the building, or whatever.

The names of all those with the correct answer will be entered in a drawing for a gift certificate donated by the University Book Store.  Send your entry by e-mail to uwtoday@uw.edu along with your name and department.  The deadline is 5 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 13.  Well give away one prize per quarter.

Last issues answer: Our last Mystery Photo was of the northeast side of Parrington Hall. Lots of people recognized it:



Thomas Berg, Campus Engineering

Buzzy Elizabeth Mounce, Bioengineering

Graham Sherwood, Housing & Food Services/Purchasing

Marilyne L. Cunnington, Physiology & Biophysics

Erin Bestrom, Ethnic Cultural Center

Kole Kantner, Evans School of Public Affairs

Mychal Ludwig, The Information School

Dave Schruth, Oceanography

Kristine Kenney, University Landscape Architect

Dale Lyman, Facilities Services

Greg Barnes, Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems

Catherine Zeigler, Department of Anthropology

Jim Clauss/ Honors and Classics

Ray Larson, Facilities Services

Eric Siu, Moving Services

Matt Smith, Earth and Space Sciences

Joshua A. Davies, Materials Science and Engineering

Graylan Vincent, IRIS

Nancy Weiner, UWEO Online Learning

Kristi Armstrong, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

John Blattenbauer, APL

Bob Cent, Primate Center