UW News

June 6, 2011

New Husky Cards coming June 10 for U-Pass holders

On Friday, June 10, Commuter Services will be distributing new Husky Cards to department payroll coordinators to provide to their employees. New Husky Cards were preprinted for faculty and staff who met the following four criteria on May 13:

  • Husky Card eligible
  • had a U-PASS
  • had a photo on file with the Husky Card Office
  • were employed at UW Seattle

The Percussion Ensemble will perform May 29 in Meany Studio Theater.

Employees who do not receive a new card from their departments by June 15 and believe they met all four criteria on May 13 should contact their payroll coordinator to verify they did not receive a card  and determine if their name was included on the roster.  After confirming this with their Payroll Coordinator, they should contact Commuter Services at ucommute@uw.edu or 206-221-3701.

Between June 10 and June 24, faculty and staff can self activate their new Husky Card online by clicking on the activation link and following the prompts.  Activation will update the new card for campus services including  parking, Husky Card Account, and  CAAMS building access. Cards that are not self-activated will be activated automatically on the evening of June 24. Employees should retain both cards and continue to show your U-PASS sticker for transit use until June 27.

Beginning June 27, current U-PASS members with valid U-PASSes should test their new U-PASSes powered by ORCA on transit while keeping their old cards with the U-PASS sticker with them. The U-PASS powered by ORCA card works when users hear a beep and see a green light when they tap it on the ORCA card reader. If the new U-PASS does not allow access for transit services, users should show the driver their U-PASS sticker and contact Commuter Services at ucommute@uw.edu or 206-221-3701 as soon as possible.

Learn more about the new Husky Card online.  More information about the transition to the U-PASS powered by ORCA  is also available online.