UW News

May 5, 2011

Drumheller Fountain undergoing maintenance, will return in time for commencement

If youve seen the fence around Drumheller Fountain, you might wonder how 2011 graduates and their friends and relatives will get those great photos traditional for graduation. Not to worry—the fountain is undergoing routine maintenance but should be back to its normal glory by May 27.

According to Howard Nakase, manager of grounds operations, maintenance will include the removal of material that has collected at the bottom of the pond, collection of items that have “accidentally” fallen into it and replacement of the water that is besieged with algae.

Once the pond has been fully drained and cleaned, Nakase said, careful inspection of the pond liner will take place to ensure its integrity.  Then, the mechanical parts of the fountain and lights will be inspected to determine if any repairs are necessary along with any scheduled maintenance.  The pond will be refilled with fresh water and the pumping systems tested to ensure that it is properly adjusted.

The fence is a safety measure, Nakase said. And although it may seem “unsightly,” the routine maintenance will help keep the fountain running into the future.