UW News

May 4, 2011

Husky cards get ‘smart as part of transition to ORCA system

Husky Cards are getting a new look and new technology, with an embedded chip to make the card “smart” and allow for a transition to the new U-PASS powered by the  ORCA system, which stands for One Regional Card for All.

All faculty and staff who have a U-PASS during spring quarter 2011, who are eligible for a photo ID card and have a photo on file will receive a pre-printed card at the end of spring quarter.

The Percussion Ensemble will perform May 29 in Meany Studio Theater.

Seattle campus and UW Medical Center faculty and staff will receive their new Husky ID cards as part of the annual Commuter Services distribution of U-PASS and parking permits.

If you dont have a photo on file, its best to get that done soon.

Employees at the Seattle campus and UW Medical Center must have a photo on file by May 13 to ensure getting a new card in the spring distribution. At Harborview, that deadline is May 17. Those uncertain whether they have a photo on file may contact the Husky Card Account & ID Center by email, at huskycrd@u.washington.edu, or by calling 206-543-7222.

The new card will replace U-PASS stickers, and employees will get new cards instead of stickers this year. Harborview Medical Center employees will pick up their new Husky Cards at the annual U-PASS and parking distribution event, June 6-17 in the HMC cafeteria.

Employees on the Seattle campus and at UW Medical Center can activate their cards on the Web. Those at Harborview will activate their new cards at the distribution event. Within an hour of activation, the new cards will work for Husky Card account purchases, authorized door access and parking. Library and IMA services will update overnight. Stand-alone electronic door access systems will require the cardholder to contact their building administrators for manual updating.

Using the card is simple. You just hold it near the card-reader on the bus.

The cards magnetic stripe will continue to be used for Husky Card Account services, Dawg Print services, UW Libraries, parking, the IMA and automated door access.

The new card is the first step in the UWs transition to using the smart chip for U-PASS. Transition to the U-PASS powered by ORCA (no more stickers) is anticipated to occur on July 1. U-PASS riders will be required to have the new Husky Card to use their U-PASS on transit at that time.

U-PASS users should not throw away their old card. Those with a U-PASS will need to keep their old card with its U-PASS sticker until the pass expires and you have verified through using the ORCA system that your new card is functioning as expected.

After July 1, U-PASS stickers will no longer be accepted. The smart chip functionality will only be activated for those who have paid for U-PASS privileges. Housing & Food Services says the new Husky Cards should not be bent nor have holes punched in them, and that there will be a charge of $20 for replacement of a damaged card.

There will be no personal information stored on the cards smart chip. The RFID chip is used to validate that the cardholder has access to U-PASS transit privileges. All information associated with the new Husky Card and U-PASS is kept in accordance with the UW Electronic Information Privacy Policy on Personally Identifiable Information.

For more information regarding the privacy of transit data, please see the U-PASS Terms of Use.

Information and troubleshooting help at the time of activation will be available at the Husky Card website or by contacting the Husky Card Account & ID Center online or at 206-543-7222.