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March 30, 2011

Attention humans: Zombie tag returns April 4-8, with a few changes

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A battler in the war of human versus zombie. You can tell by her headgear that she is undead.

A battler in the war of human versus zombie. You can tell by her headgear that she is undead.Photo by Mary Levin

“The goal of our game has always been to provide a game that strengthens community ties while promoting a fun and safe environment,” stated an email send to many on campus from the registered student group Humans vs. Zombies Tag. “Due to events that occurred during our last game, we have made a couple of amendments to our rule set.”

The changes include:

  • The game will not be played at night, but will be suspended each day at 8 p.m. and resume the next day at 6 a.m.
  • Any clothing that “appears to promote violence or real-life war scenarios” is banned. Face masks also are not allowed.
  • Attachments to Nerf Blasters such as laser sights and strobe lights will not be allowed.

The email also reminds the campus that participants will not play indoors, and will play with “standard, brightly colored and easily distinguishable Nerf blasters.”

Humans vs. Zombie Tag resumes April 4-8.

Humans vs. Zombie Tag resumes April 4-8.Photo by Mary Levin.

This round, the games organizers are also inviting the campus community to report those participants — living or undead, you might say — who dont abide by the amended rules.

“We have always had players moderating the game, but simple human capacity ensures that we cannot be everywhere,” the email states. “We therefore ask kindly for your help. If you observe a player of the game doing something you feel is contradictory to the rules, please ask for their name, and report them to us.  … We will be able to contact them and enforce our policy rules.”

You can learn more about Zombie vs. Human Tag, including complete rules, at the UW at the groups Facebook page. If you see participants — of this world or the next — breaking the rules, you can contact the student group through Facebook or email organizer Eric Clapp at eclapp16@u.washington.edu.