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March 16, 2011

Sound Transit: Drilling work to continue through spring break, March 19-27

UW News

Sound Transits contractor is continuing to drill holes along the proposed light rail alignment from the UW to Northgate to evaluate soil and groundwater conditions. To minimize its impact, the drilling on campus has been scheduled during spring break, March 19-27.

There are five drill rigs working to bore holes along the proposed light rail tunnel alignment. The holes can range from approximately 40 to 180 feet deep. These drillings will help Sound Transit better understand the underground conditions along the tunnel routes and light rail station sites.

During this work you can expect:

  • Trucks will be at each location for two days to five days.
  • Noise similar to a truck engine running, with occasional hammering.
  • Restricted parking around the drilling area

Work will resume along the rest of the proposed light rail alignment after this drilling is completed on campus. Sound Transit will deliver construction alerts to affected neighbors as work progresses.

To sign up for North Link alerts, visit online.  For more information, contact Wilbert Santos at 206-370-5516 or wilbert.santos@soundtransit.org.