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December 8, 2010

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MYSTERY AT THE HENRY: A Henry Gallery collection is contributing to the solution of a mystery Dec. 13, when the crew of the PBS series History Detectives visits. This case began when a History Detectives fan was going through her brothers belongings and came across a leaflet with Japanese writing and startling war images.  A note taped to the box said, “This box contains an original propaganda leaflet dropped on Japan.  I know the woman who did most of the artwork and printing for the U.S. propaganda leaflets.”

That woman was artist Frances Blakemore, and the Henry has one of the largest collections of her work, including examples of the leaflets. Blakemore, the shows producer explained, lived much of her life in Japan and designed the leaflets in hopes of helping the Japanese citizens she had grown to love. Michiyo Morioka, a Blakemore scholar, will be interviewed for the show, and the Henry has agreed to pull several of Blakemores works to be discussed in the interview. The History Detectives episode is set to air during the summer of 2011.

Panels that started life as an art installation now promote the Burke Museum. | Photo by Burke Museum.

Panels that started life as an art installation now promote the Burke Museum. | Photo by Burke Museum.

'North,' a painting by Kazimierz Poznanski.From left: Gene Woodard, Linda Tennant, Rick Cheney, John Chapman. Still youthful, yet among them they've served 100 years.


PRESIDENTIAL ALUMS: The UW College of Education has reason to be proud these days — three of its alumni are now at the helm of community or technical colleges in Washington state. On Dec. 3, Edmonds Community College announced that its new president is Jean Hernandez, who earned her doctorate through the COEs Leadership & Policy Studies area. Mark Mitsui, who earned a masters in that department, is now interim president of North Seattle Community College. And Patty McKeown, now interim president of Bellingham Technical College, also earned a degree from the college.