UW News

October 7, 2010

UW Photographers Group: New exhibit is all about ‘Doubt’

The UW Photographers Group has a new exhibit called Doubt — and they invite you to take a look and see what the images mean to you.

“The photographers have searched through old work or created new work to explore the non-narrative idea of doubt,” group members Anita Bingaman and Deborah Conger Hughes teamed up to write of the exhibit. “The works fit no series or chronological story, but rather, each print stands alone and on its own to perhaps surprise and to create more doubt.”

They added, “The offerings invite the viewer to be perplexed or unsure and to come closer to find meaning in what they see.”

Doubt will be on display through the end of November at the Skylight Gallery, located on the third floor of UW Medical Center’s main lobby, near the information desk. Though the building is open all day and night, the best viewing times are between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. No reception is planned for this show.

Learn more about the group at its website.