UW News

June 3, 2010

What is that glass object? Can you help identify this Lost & Found film?

We’re back to the public opinion lab this week. An earlier Lost & Found Film showed part of this longer film, and now here’s a different segment. We begin in a lecture classroom, then see colorful beakers and students working in a lab. A notebook is opened with a title on the cover: Quantitative Analysis. Two men discuss a paper while both smoke pipes (we hope this part wasn’t filmed in a lab). This is followed by glass blowing. Then two people pour wood chips into a piece of equipment, tighten the drum, measure the temperature and later add a liquid. They draw the letter W.

Film Archive Specialist wants to know what the two gentlemen are doing when they appear to blow glass that creates a suspiciously phallic object. Is that science? Or are they playing around? The second segment of the film documents some kind of laboratory activity, and she would like to know exactly what they are doing.

Palin is still looking for information about last week’s film, New Ivy for Denny. If you can help, log in and post a comment.