UW News

April 22, 2010

UW Extension becomes UW Professional and Continuing Education

UW Extension is changing its name, and will henceforth be called UW Professional & Continuing Education, or PCE for short.

The new name brings the 35 degree programs administered by UW Educational Outreach in partnership with academic departments together with the 120 certificate programs formerly known as UW Extension.

But it’s more than just a new name, said Steve O’Brian, senior director of marketing for Educational Outreach. He said the new Professional and Continuing Education also is starting a new website providing prospective students a central location with links to all the information they’ll need. “The biggest fundamental shift, and the value and purpose of why we’re doing this, is to bring all this under one umbrella,” O’Brian said. “Access to all these sites is now in one place.”

The new website, O’Brian said, will be “a portal for adult learners throughout Puget Sound, to help them see what’s available for their needs at the UW. Would-be students will be able to browse the site for educational programs by type of program (degree, certificate etc.) as well as by format, location, start date and area of study.

View the new Professional and Continuing Education website at www.pce.uw.edu or www.keeplearning.uw.edu. The office asks that its campus colleagues update their web sites and directories with the new name.