UW News

January 7, 2010

UW raises a record $2 million in Combined Fund Drive donations

The UW faculty and staff have contributed more than $2 million to the Combined Fund Drive, the highest UW total in the 25 years of the statewide workplace donation campaign.

The UW participates in the state employee Combined Fund Drive and historically provides the largest share of contributions; this year more than 35 percent of total state employee contributions will come from the UW alone. The final total was $2,044,030.

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity shown by the University of Washington staff and faculty in their commitment to our community, here and beyond,” says Mindy Kornberg, vice president of human resources and executive sponsor of the fund drive. “The UW has become a big part of the Combined Fund Drive, and together we are making a positive difference in so many lives.”

The number of people who donated this year was about the same as last year, when $1.92 million was raised, so the increase was due to the greater generosity of faculty and staff. People can make one-time donations or sign up for payroll deduction. The drive includes more than 2,800 charities; individuals also can direct their donations to other charities not on the official list.

“I am thrilled at the generosity of the UW community,” says Kerri Everly, development services officer for the campaign. “We’ve had really supportive volunteer coordinators across campus who helped make this drive so successful.”

The Combined Fund Drive this year ran from Oct. 14 to Dec. 11.