UW News

September 3, 2009

UW’s new tools for iPhones, mobile devices launched today

UW News

The University of Washington’s new suite of mobile applications for the iPhone is now available for download. The free tool offers campus maps, course catalogs, news, events, athletics schedules and sports scores, all delivered for viewing on an iPhone or iPod touch.

The application, or app, will be named “m.UW,” with the “m” standing for “mobile.” That name was chosen from more than 800 entries submitted in a naming contest held this summer.

The UW is simultaneously launching a new mobile Web site, http://m.uw.edu. Users who point their BlackBerries, Windows Mobile devices, Palm Pilots or other Web-enabled cell phones to http://m.uw.edu will find UW information in a format designed to be viewed on a mobile device.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the use of mobile devices on campus over the past year,” said David Morton, director of mobile communications at UW Technology, who led the m.UW project. “As more people rely on mobile technology, we want to deliver the UW resources in a way that’s easily accessible from those devices.”

The m.UW iPhone app was developed by the UW in collaboration with Terriblyclever Design of San Jose, Calif., which builds iPhone applications for higher education institutions. In July 2009 Terriblyclever was bought by the academic software company Blackboard.


For more information, contact Morton at 206-221-7814 or dmorton@uw.edu.

The m.UW iPhone app can be downloaded for free at itms://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=328228461&mt=8&s=143441.

The UW’s new mobile Web site is http://m.uw.edu.