UW News

March 6, 2008

UW president selected as member of Council on Foreign Relations

UW President Mark A. Emmert has been selected as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, one of the most prestigious and influential nonpartisan groups promoting a greater understanding of America’s role in the world.

Founded in 1921, it operates one of the most prominent think tanks for scholars of international affairs. It sponsors task forces on important issues and commissions books and reports. It also publishes Foreign Affairs, a magazine dedicated to serious thought and analysis on international issues. It also convenes meetings at which government officials, global leaders and members debate foreign policy issues.

The council currently has about 4,300 members, including senior politicians, former national security officers and former Secretaries of State, bankers, lawyers, professors and journalists. Washington state members include former Rep. Tom Foley, Rep. Norm Dicks, and UW Professor of International Studies Donald Hellmann.

Life members of the council (which is Emmert’s status) are nominated by one council member and seconded by a minimum of three others.