UW News

December 26, 2006

MEDIA ADVISORY: Robotic crawler to explore subterranean UW power lines tomorrow

WHAT: Demonstration of a prototype robot developed by the University of Washington to inspect underground high-voltage power cables for damage.

WHO: Alexander Mamishev, associate professor of electrical engineering, and Luke Kearney, an undergraduate electrical engineering student.

WHEN: 10 a.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 27.

WHERE: Main entrance to the electrical engineering building, adjacent to the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering building.

DETAILS: The robot, developed over the past five years, will check power cables running in tunnels under the UW’s Seattle campus tomorrow morning. The robot, which resembles an insect, had its first field test last week in New Orleans and can detect problem spots by using information from the surface of a power cable to assess the condition of what is inside.


For more information: Kearney at (253) 376-5402 (cell) or lukek@u.washington.edu  or Mamishev (206) 353-3568 (cell), (206) 221-5729 or mamishev@ee.washington.edu