UW News

June 22, 2006

Blog, photos let campus share China trip with President Emmert

UW President Mark Emmert was in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai June 12–21, meeting with dignitaries, educators and government officials. He chronicled his journey with posts to a blog set up specifically for the trip — www.presblog.washington.edu — and even sent back several dozen photos.

The UW’s ties to China date to 1909, and the relationship has grown in significance and scope ever since. Emmert’s goals for the trip included assessing how the UW is perceived, promoting the state’s and the UW’s interests; exploring new opportunities; and reconnecting with alumni.

The trip also drove home the reality of living in a wired world. On June 16, he wrote:

“Today began and ended with two reminders of just how tightly connected our planet is becoming. First thing this morning, I discussed an issue on state policy with WSU President Lane Rawlins. Then as I rode back to the hotel from a late dinner this evening, I received comments on my first blog post during the trip from one of our UW students.

“Nothing was unusual about the communications — except where and when they took place: President Rawlins is roaming in South Africa, the student is studying in Munich and I am traveling around Beijing. Yet we communicated as easily as if we were in a meeting room together in Seattle.”

To learn more about his trip and the UW’s China ties, and to see photos of the trip, go to http://depts.washington.edu/presblog/china/