UW News

January 19, 2006

Washington State Supreme Court to hear cases at UW law school

The Washington Supreme Court will take its work on the road with a community visit to the UW School of Law on Thursday, Jan. 26. The day begins with comments by Associate Dean Gregory Hicks at 8:45 a.m.

The justices will hear three cases during the visit:

  • Case one, to begin at 9 a.m., has to do with whether police illegally obtained DNA evidence from the flap of an envelope which was mailed by the defendant in reply to a letter purporting to be from a lawyer but actually sent by police.
  • Case two, set for 10:10 a.m., concerns whether county ordinances which were enacted pursuant to the Growth Management Act, and which amended county code provisions related to surface water management, clearing and grading, and zoning, are subject to referendum.
  • Case three, beginning at 1:30 p.m., has to do with whether police violated article I, section 7 of the Washington Constitution by randomly taking names from the guest registry of a motel and running warrant checks on those names.

A question and answer session begins at 2:10 p.m.

All three sessions will be in Room 133 of William H. Gates Hall. The oral argument portions of the day are open to the public, including the Q&A time.

For six of the nine justices, the UW visit represents a return to their alma mater. Washington justices who are UW law school graduates are Gerry Alexander, Barbara Madsen, Richard Sanders, Bobbe Bridge, Tom Chambers and James Johnson.