UW News

June 24, 2004

Bothell, Tacoma medalists named

The UW Bothell and the UW Tacoma have announced the recipients of the President’s Medalist Award at their institutions. The award is given to the top senior in the graduating class, based on overall academic record, not solely on grades.

Karen Sherwin, who earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing, is the President’s Medalist for the UW Bothell. Karen graduated from high school in Alberta, Canada, and went on to college there. In her early college life she received a both a merit award for academic excellence and her school’s citizenship award. With her UWB degree in hand, she plans to enter the UW Family Nurse Practitioner Program with the goal is of establishing a practice within a rural community in Washington.

Christopher Bjornstad, who received a bachelor’s in business administration, is the President’s Medalist for the UW Tacoma. Bjornstad, who graduated summa cum laude, was formerly a Boeing machinist. The father of two, he was laid off in 2001 and received a federal retraining grant to attend Pierce College, then transferred to UWT. He has accepted a position at Tacoma accounting firm Moss Adams.