UW News

January 8, 2004

Annual history lecture series tackles Civil War

A House Divided Against Itself: The Civil War as the Crucible for American Values is the title of this year’s History Lecture Series sponsored by the Alumni Association and the College of Arts and Sciences.

The series will approach the American Civil War in much the same way as those who experienced it — one year at a time. Beginning Jan. 14, History Professor Tracy McKenzie will examine the war as a window into the values of common Americans. Integrating political, social and military history, the five-part lecture series will address what the war revealed about who we were as a people in the 1860s, the values soldiers fought for, and how the conflict contributes to who Americans are today.

Series tickets are $60 for the general public, $50 for members of the Alumni Association or the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Club and $20 for students. Tickets for individual lectures are sold on a space-available basis. For more information see http://www.uwalum.com/