UW News

October 9, 2003

Editor’s column: UWeek is community newspaper

Welcome to a new academic year at the University of Washington. As University Week gears up again after our September hiatus, we thought this would be a good time to remind you that we are a community newspaper and as such are interested in your contributions. Please feel free to contact us when news is happening on your corner of the campus. Here are some ways you can help us get the news out:

Etc.: Etc. is University Week’s people column. Here we report honors and awards received, as well as humorous tales of life on campus. Awards do not need to be major national accolades to be reported here. Tell us about your own achievements, as well as those of your co-workers.

Calendar of Events: Events that appear in University Week’s calendar are taken from the UW’s online events calendar, accessed by clicking “events” on the faculty/staff homepage. These events are posted by representatives from departments all over campus. Posters must be authorized to prevent those outside the University from inputting their own events. To obtain authorization, contact Bob Roseth, director of News and Information. University Week downloads events from the online calendar on Monday morning prior to publication, so events posted after that time will not be included. Once you have posted your events in the online calendar, you need not resubmit them to University Week.

Notices: Notices is a column for official announcements. These include academic opportunities such as grant funds available, studies seeking participants, and legal notices pertaining to campus construction, hiring, etc. Notices must be received one week before the publication date.

FAQ: FAQ is a column inviting members of the campus community to pose questions of broad interest about the campus. University Week will contact appropriate officials to obtain the answer and publish both question and answer.

Faculty/Staff Profiles: The UW campus is full of interesting people, and we like to introduce them to our readers. Past profiles have featured people who hold interesting jobs as well as those who pursue some compelling interest outside of work. Virtually all of our profile subjects were suggested by readers, so please let us know if you know someone we should be talking to.

Inner Workings: Participants in our reader’s survey told us they’d like to see brief descriptions of offices or departments on campus to give them insight into what goes on in areas where they never have occasion to go. If you think your office would make an interesting Inner Workings feature, let us know.

Advertising: University Week accepts display advertising from clients both on campus and off. All questions about advertising should be directed to our ad representative, Varsity Communications. Contact Branden Jordon at branden@varsitycommunications.com.

University Week has a rather unusual schedule. We publish biweekly on paper and every week online. During the week between print issues, readers will receive an e-mail with information about the latest online-only edition. Many good and informative articles appear only in the online edition. Therefore, if you want to get all the news we publish, be sure to go to the homepage, http://uweek.org, when you receive the e-mail.

The best way to contact University Week is by e-mail, uweek@u.washington.edu. We look forward to hearing from you.