UW News

February 6, 2003

Preliminary research projects get seed grants

Three research projects from UW professors have been funded by the Center for Statistics and Social Sciences under its Seed Grants Program. The projects are:

  • “Duality of Persons and Virtual Spaces: Mining Dynamic Two-Mode Network Data,” James Kitts, Sociology, and Marc Smith, Microsoft Research, $15,706;

  • “Picturing Segregation: The Structure of Occupational Segregation by Sex, Race, Ethnicity and Hipanicity,” Barbara Reskin, Sociology, Lowell Hargens, Sociology, and Mark Handcock, Statistics/Sociology, $15,018;

  • “Exploring Regional Difference in the Incentives and Performance of Russian Regional Government,” Judith Thornton, Economics, and Avery Ke, Economics, $16,761.

The goal of the program is to encourage faculty to explore new directions in research and scholarship that contribute to the development of statistical methods for social scientific problems. The seed grants are used to pursue pilot studies, feasibility studies, or preliminary research for a larger project that has high promise of extramural funding, which would be administered through the center. Awards are in the range of $10,000–20,000 and typically include one month of summer salary for the principal investigator and one quarter salary for a research assistant. The project period is about one calendar year.

The deadline for the next round will be announced soon. For more information, see the CSSS Web site, www.csss.wash ington.edu, and go to the seed grants page. For questions, contact Ross L. Matsueda, CSSS Associate Director, matsueda@u.washington.edu, and 206-616-2432.