UW News

April 18, 2002

Recycling program adds new service

The UW Recycling Program has started a new program to make collection of plastic and glass containers more convenient.

Glass beverage bottles as well as No. 1 and No. 2 plastic beverage bottles can now be recycled in gray bins located next to waste and other recycling receptacles. Broken glass, ceramic cups, mirrors, sheets of plastic, plastic wrap, trash and other contaminants should not be placed in the bins. Officials expect the new program to significantly increase the amount of waste that is diverted from landfills and to lower the University’s solid waste costs.

“The University is continually looking for ways to efficiently manage its resources,” Julie Vorhes, program operations manager for UW Recycling, said. “We are successfully accomplishing this goal by adding plastic and glass to our indoor recycling program. In addition to the convenience this new service provides students, staff and faculty, the University will divert many more tons from the waste stream and landfill.”

For more than 10 years the University has been collecting most plastic containers and glass bottles, but the receptacles were often outside and difficult to find. Now the program will move inside and be largely in the hands of Custodial Services staff who will remove the plastic and glass along with aluminum and tin.

The Recycling Program will be at Earth Fair tomorrow in Red Square from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to answer questions and promote the new recycling options. There will be a drawing for a fleece jacket and two vests donated by the Seattle Patagonia store. The fleece used to make the garments comes from recycled plastic bottles.

For more information visit http://www.washington.edu/admin/recycling on the Web, send e-mail to recycle@u.washington.edu, or call 206-685-2811.