UW News

April 18, 2002

Diversity Awards winners named

The Washington Student Outreach Ambassador Program and the Business Education Opportunity Program were named recently as recipients of the 2002 Brotman Diversity Award. This is the second year of the award that recognizes outstanding programs that advance diversity in the UW community. The award is made possible by a donation from Jeffrey and Susan Brotman and is administered by the President’s Office. The ambassador program originated in 1999 with the goal of increasing the number of underrepresented students who choose to attend the UW. The program is staffed by students of color who share their positive experiences at the UW with students from elementary and secondary schools, and community colleges throughout the state. The program is sponsored by the Office of Minority Affairs and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. For the past 16 years the Business Education and Opportunity Program has worked to increase minority enrollment in the UW Business School and support the students once they arrive at the UW. At the time the program was created in 1986 there were 58 underrepresented students enrolled in the business school. Today the business school minority enrollment numbers remain strong with 193 underrepresented students enrolled in the fall of 2001. The Brotman Diversity Award winners will be honored along with other University award winners at the annual recognition ceremony, scheduled for 3 p.m. Thursday, June 13 in Meany Hall. University Week will publish a special supplement detailing the winners’ accomplishments on June 6.