UW News

January 10, 2002

Psychological Services and Training Center

Unit Head: Corey Fagan, director

Location: Guthrie Annex 1

Number of Employees: Eight paid staff members plus approximately 30 graduate student staff therapists who provide services as part of their training in the clinical psychology doctoral program.

Unit’s Main Function: The Psychological Services and Training Center (the clinic) is part of the Department of Psychology’s doctoral training program in clinical psychology, which tied for the rank of number two in the country in a recent survey of clinical psychology graduate programs. The clinic is the primary training site for graduate student therapists who provide therapeutic services under the supervision of licensed psychologists and other mental health professionals. The clinic provides psychotherapy and assessment services to individual adults, couples, children and families in Seattle and surrounding areas, including UW students, faculty and staff.

Unit’s Day-to-Day Tasks: Staff therapists work with children and adolescents experiencing a range of problems, including behavior problems at home or at school, impulse control and attention problems, mood disorders, mild eating disorders, identity problems, child abuse and autistic spectrum disorders. Therapists also see adults with such problems as anxiety, depression, substance abuse and family and relationship difficulties. The clinic currently offers special services for those adults needing substance use evaluations and children needing learning disability assessment and intervention. Clinic staff are particularly committed to providing services to those who are currently under-served, such as ethnic minorities and the economically disadvantaged. The clinic is one of a few in the community providing sliding fee scale services for clients with limited income. More information is available on a Web site, http://web.psych.washington.edu/clinic/.

Insider’s Comment: “Other places on campus offer low-fee counseling, but we are the only unit that offers such counseling long-term. Our graduate student therapists are smart, committed and caring.” – Corey Fagan, director