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July 9, 2001

UW details effects of TA strike in June

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The number of teaching assistants who struck at the University of Washington June 1 through 15 was about 235. There were approximately 1,322 TAs Spring Quarter.

Graduate teaching assistants were asked to self-report whether they had worked during the strike period. Of the roughly 235 who reported they did not work, 90 percent reported they did not work the entire two weeks, with the remainder reporting they did not work a part of the period.

An earlier report, that as many as 857 struck, was in error. A detailed examination of payroll records revealed that this number included all faculty and staff who were on leave during this time period, not just teaching assistants.

The total number of grades recorded in Spring Quarter dropped by 4.7 percent compared with last year at this time. Out of a possible 82,251 grades, 74,840 (91.2 percent) have been received thus far. Grades were not reported for 298 sections in 47 courses. The English Department had the largest number of courses with no grades reported, 68 sections in 15 courses.

Overall, the UW paid out $224,777.19 less in salaries to teaching assistants in the final pay period of the academic year, ending June 15, as compared with the previous pay period, ending May 31.

“The university continues to work with faculty to make sure that all students receive their grades as soon as possible,” said UW President Richard L. McCormick. “We are sorry for the inconvenience that this situation has caused for some undergraduate students.”

The university and representatives of GSEAC/UAW were scheduled to meet with a federal mediator July 2, but that meeting was cancelled by the union. No additional meetings have been scheduled. The UW remains willing to explore new ways to reach agreement on the substantive issues.