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February 27, 1997

UW receives top rankings in U.S. News & World Report survey of graduate programs and professional schools

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The University of Washington School of Medicine claimed three No. 1 rankings in the U.S. News & World Report annual survey of graduate programs and professional schools.

A total of 18 UW programs and schools — ranging from drama and creative writing to public health and social work — claimed other top spots. The magazine’s 1997 America’s Best Graduate Schools survey will appear in the March 10 issue. Rankings were established through surveys of deans, faculty and administrators at accredited schools in each discipline.

The School of Medicine ranked as the top primary-care medical school, a distinction it has held for the past four years. Its teaching programs in family medicine and rural medicine were also rated the top in the nation, as they have been in the past. Family medicine has had the top ranking for four years and rural medicine for six.

Other UW programs in the top 10 in the nation are: women’s health (third); public health (fourth); drama (fourth); internal medicine (fifth); geriatrics (fifth); pediatrics (fifth); health services administration (sixth); social work (sixth); and creative writing (10th).

This is the first year that creative writing programs have been ranked, and the UW claimed a top-10 spot. The ranking comes as the program, which is part of the English department, is about to observe 50 years of creative writing at the UW. Today the program includes 10 full-time faculty.

The UW School of Public Health and Community Medicine pulled down two top-10 rankings, one in public health and one in health services administration.

Also ranked in the U.S. News survey were: research-oriented medical school (13th); pharmacy (13th); architecture (19th); education (25th); law (25th); and engineering (28th).


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