UW News

September 9, 1996

UW participates in second phase of Diabetes Prevention Trial

The University of Washington is participating in the second phase of the national Diabetes Prevention Trial/Type 1, being announced nationally on Sept. 10.
This phase is for people at moderate risk for developing Type 1 diabetes (also called insulin-dependent or juvenile diabetes). The trial will investigate whether insulin taken by mouth can prevent or delay the onset of Type 1 diabetes.

(Phase one, already underway, is for people at high risk of developing Type 1 diabetes and investigates whether insulin by injection can prevent or delay onset.)

Dr. Carla Greenbaum, principal investigator at the UW, is available for interviews. She can be reached at (206) 764-2132 or by pager at 680-3932. Study participants and their families are also available for interviews.

A press packet is available by calling Laurie McHale, media relations coordinator, at (206) 543-3620, or Marli McCulloch, trial coordinator, at (206) 764-2648.