Museology Master of Arts Program

Writing. Research. Theory. Practice.

This is an interdisciplinary program. Anthropology, sociology, law. Evaluation, advocacy, grant writing. We come at the field of museum studies from all different angles, so that students have the foundational knowledge to excel regardless of their area of expertise, while also having the opportunity to pursue their passion and become subject matter experts.

This is also a hands-on program. Many of our courses are project-based. Students might develop an exhibit or write a grant proposal, while analyzing principles and theory associated with the practices as they’re doing it. Students often work with museum professionals who generously share their experiences, expertise, and skills. This insight proves invaluable as our students explore career options and opportunities.

Course Listing

All graduate students complete at least 60 credit hours of coursework in their two years of study with the Program. These are divided into the following categories:

Museology core – required

  • MUS 500 Introduction to Museology (5)
  • MUS 599 Careers and Social Capital (3)
  • MUS 601 Internship and Directed Fieldwork (6 credits + 60 practical experience hours)
  • MUS 700 Master’s Thesis or MUS 710 Master’s Project (10)

Research and evaluation

  • MUS 570 Research Design and Museology Practice (4) required
  • MUS 574 Introduction to Museum Evaluation (3)
  • MUS 575 Evaluation Project I (3)
  • MUS 576 Evaluation Project II (9; FWSp)

Organizational development – minimum 8 credits

  • MUS 560 Museum Administration and Leadership (5)
  • MUS 562 Legal Issues in Museums (4)
  • MUS 566 Grant Writing for Museums (3)
  • MUS 588 Who Owns Humanity (3)
  • Leadership classes as approved by your Advisor

Public engagement – minimum 8 credits

  • MUS 520 Learning in Museums (3)
  • MUS 524 Seminar in Museum Exhibition (5)
  • MUS 528 Advocacy and Social Change (3)
  • MUS 588 Public Engagement Seminar (Art/History/Science) (3)
  • MUS 594 Seminar in Museum Education (5)

Collections stewardship – minimum 3 credits

  • MUS 540 Preservation and Management of Collections (3)
  • MUS 541 Collections Management Lab (4 sections; 2 credits each)
  • MUS 542 Preservation of Collections II (5)

Interdisciplinary electives

Students must take at least 10 credits of interdisciplinary classes outside of Museology. Electives should be approved by your advisor.

Additional courses

Students must complete the minimum number of credits in each cluster, but may choose to take as many additional courses in each cluster as they desire.