Bellingham, Washington

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Bellingham is a laid back community, with Western Washington University to keep it lively with the college crowd. It is surrounded by a bay, lakes and mountains, close to the Canadian border and the San Juan Islands, to name a few of its characteristics. You will enjoy the atmosphere at PeaceHealth Medical Center Pediatrics, the staff and physicians. Each visiting professor trip brings its own characteristics, this is one of the most flexible sites and they pride themselves on making the trip as enjoyable for the visiting professor as it is for them.

Bellingham Visiting Professor Protocol

PeaceHealth Medical Group Pediatrics

WWAMI Site Coordinators:
Nancy Bischoff, MD
Scott McGuinness, MD
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Clinic Address and Phone:
PeaceHealth Medical Group Pediatrics
4545 Cordata Parkway
Bellingham WA 98226-7123
(360) 738-2200
(360) 752-5678 (Suite 1E fax for Pediatrics)

St. Joseph Hospital
2901 Squalicum Parkway
Bellingham WA 98225
(360) 734-5400

Clinic Pediatricians:

We have about 16 pediatricians at present, including:

Drs. Steve Ban, Nancy Bischoff, Jim Bochsler, Laurie Emert, Peter Filuk, Kenneth Gass, Josie Lee, Monika Mahal, Scott McGuiness, Lessli Putney, Jen Rosquist, Greg Thompson, Steve Wallace, Anne Welsh, Greg Welsh, and Steve Wisner.

Welcome to Bellingham!

Bellingham is 90 miles north of Seattle, up Interstate 5. It is about 20 miles from the Canadian Border. It faces Bellingham Bay and the San Juan Islands. It is bordered on the East side by the Cascade Mountain range and is under the shadow of Mt. Baker.

Bellingham is large enough to have many city-type amenities yet far enough from the greater Seattle/Everett area to retain a good deal of small town feel.

St. Joseph Hospital is the only hospital in the county. It has about 1900 births per year, a 12 bed pediatric floor and a very busy E/R and Level II trauma center. We have a full complement of (adult) surgical specialist although still refer complex or unusual pediatric problems requiring tertiary care to the Seattle area. St. Joseph Special Care Nursery is an approximately 6-bed unit, Level II. It has been our practice to transport neonates and children requiring ventilation or otherwise requiring formal pediatric intensive care to Seattle via Airlift NW. We usually transport mothers less than 33 weeks gestation if safe to do so although this is not always possible.

If you’re able to stay for a day, you’ll find that recreational opportunities are everywhere. Ask Scott McGuinness for ideas!

Bellingham Community Info and happenings
Washington Ferries (Need to take a car to the islands?)
Bellingham Herald, A good paper but not a great paper – local news
Vancouver tourism information
Peace Health/St. Joseph Hospital

PeaceHealth Medical Group

Historically, from 1997-2008 we were known as Madrona Medical Group, a doctor-owned and run multispecialty group with over 600 employees. In July 2008, we voted to become part of PeaceHealth, which owns several hospitals throughout the WA/AK/OR region. As the docs of “PeaceHealth Medical Group, Whatcom region” we are now employees. We still enjoy the camaraderie of having pediatricians, internal medicine docs, FP’s, dermatologists, general surgeons, orthopedists, pulmonologists, gyn, cardiology, etc, in the building, where we’ve been located since 1999.

Visiting Professor Routine

If you’ve been a WWAMI visiting prof at other sites much farther from Seattle, you’ll find the visit to Bellingham comparatively short and sweet. The main focus of the visit for most profs is the lunch talk from 12:30-2:00, generally presenting to all 15 of the pediatricians, a few family practice docs, an allergist, and if the topic is of more general interest, to nurses/staff. You can e-mail Scott or Nancy prior to your visit with suggested topics, and we’ll choose and e-mail you back in plenty of time for you to prepare. We will have all projection equipment/computers available and can help you get set up. Some specialties are more amenable than others to clinic visits, e.g. we have a multitude of pulmonary and GI patients who often love to see the visiting specialists, while we had fewer patients for the electrophysiologist to see. For this reason, the schedule is highly variable; for some it is as short as the lunch talk, and for most an afternoon of patients followed by going out to dinner in the evening. The WWAMI 2nd year resident will see patients with you, as will the PCP of the patient whenever possible. You will not bill the patient. (The dinner is informal, and we have a terrific time catching up on SCH news while picking your brain about various patient issues.)

We look forward communicating with you prior to your visit and hope that your time in Bellingham will be enjoyable and productive. Please don’t hesitate to contact Nancy Bischoff or Scott McGuinness with any questions.