There are currently 21 training sites that can have visiting professors, however, each training site has to fund the WWAMI Visiting Professor. Of the 21 sites, five are pediatric resident training sites and they have historically self funded their own Visiting Professors. The other 16 sites are Pediatric Medical Student training sites and their funding has historically come from the University of Washington School of Medicine budget. Currently there are no funded pediatric medical student Visiting Professors due to budget constraints, this may change in the future, however, it is not likely at this time.

Pediatric Training Sites

The Pediatric training sites that are active with visiting professors are:

The following sites are currently offered to have visiting professors at their site, but need to provide the funding for the visits at this time.

  • Washington
    • Spokane
    • Tacoma (Madigan)
    • Tacoma (Mary Bridge)
    • Wenatchee
  • Wyoming
    • Cheyenne
    • Jackson
  • Alaska
    • Anchorage - Seattle Children's Hospital provides specialized clinicians through Hospital outreach clinics
  • Montana
    • Billings
    • Great Falls
    • Helena
    • Missoula
  • Idaho
    • Boise
    • Idaho Falls
    • Sandpoint