Annually, training sites are polled to see which specialty areas or specific specialist they want for the next calendar year. Requests for Visiting Professors cover many clinical specialist in a variety of specialties. A Visiting Professor is typically chosen by the training site based on their population, emerging changes in medicine, and the needs of the providers in the clinic.

The Pediatric WWAMI program recruits Visiting Professors based on the site requests. A Visiting Professor may drive, fly or a combination of both to a training site. At the training site, the Visiting Professor will present at least one talk in their area of expertise, review cases, or see patients and provide helpful recommendations to the physician who takes care of the patient.

Visiting Professors and the training site are asked to evaluate the Visiting Professor experience. Feedback from evaluations report that the Visiting Professor program is very helpful to the clinical site or rewarding to the larger community through Grand Rounds presentations. Visiting Professors find this to be a rewarding experience and often ask to do additional Visiting Professor trips in the future.