Evaluation process and reports

Evaluations area a part of programs and are requested of both the Visiting Professor and the site visited. This evaluation allows both to comment on the visit, if they felt satisfied with the visit, what they would like to see change or improved and how it met the goals of the Visiting Professor Program. Evaluations are a part of our continuing improvement efforts and provide direct feedback to the Visiting Professors and the site visited, your responses are valued and encouraged for each visit.

Visiting professors, please click on the link to open the evaluation to complete of your visit to the hosting site. You may print this or you may complete this on your screen and e-mail it to Carla Salldin at wwami@seattlechildrens.org. Results from this survey are recorded and distributed to the sites during the Annual WWAMI Retreat held in June each year. Visiting Professor Evaluation of WWAMI Site form.

Sites (hosting Visiting Professors), please click on the link below to complete an evaluation after each Visiting Professor visit. Results from this survey are distributed to the Visiting Professor as soon as received after the visit. WWAMI Site Evaluation of Visiting Professor.