Resident Site Directors

On the WWAMI Site Director-Job description, you will see the essential outline of what being a Site Director entails. All Site Directors are required to have a Clinical Faculty appointment in the University of Washington Department of Pediatrics.

Site directors ensure that educating staff know the Goals and Objectives for the residency program.

Site directors are responsible for making sure that all site descriptions, directions, resident information is current credentialing materials are kept current on the WWAM I Programs websites (Resident, medical student, visiting professors and other information that others need to be aware of at your site.

Clinical faculty maintenance at your site is a year round task, not particularly a time consuming, but ongoing task. All new clinical faculty appointments can be submitted at any time, while, promotions and deletions only occur annually. (See clinical Faculty Section)

As a resident site, you host a Seattle Children’s faculty member as a Visiting Professor. Along with support from the WWAMI program coordinator in Seattle, you will be responsible for assisting in the coordination to make this a mutually advantages visit for your site and the Visiting Professor. See the section on Visiting Professors to see more about the program and your site specific details. After the VP visit you are will be asked to complete an evaluation WWAMI Site Evaluation of Visiting Professor form.

Site Directors are required to attend the annual WWAMI Pediatric retreat, typically held in June each year. Every other year it is held in Seattle and the other years we are out to a training site area holding our retreat. if you are unable to attend, please contact the WWAMI Program Director to discuss alternatives.