Curricular materials for every student in the pediatric clerkship are available on the medical student website for printing, reading and disseminating as needed.

Each rotation, you as site director or coordinator, will receive for your student(s) a biography and evaluation forms specific to your site (a clerkship checklist, a 1-page short evaluation and a 4 page evaluation) that you can print out for use as paper evaluations at your site. If you are not getting this, please let Carla Salldin know.

You will also receive for each medical student a "Basic Pediatric Clerkship" manual and the required clerkship forms that are pre-populated for the student. Please give this to the students during orientation.

Final Exam

The final examination is an online examination for the students. It will be proctored at your site.

Grading approach for the Pediatric Core Training Experience

Required materials sent to Program office

Student items required to be turned into Seattle can be seen on the checklist sent prior to each student rotation. All preliminary grades are to be submitted onto E-Value as soon as possible after the end of the clerkship. All documentation is to be received in Seattle no later than within 4 weeks after the end of the clerkship. You will be notified of the student exam grade and the final clerkship grade at the time the final grade is submitted into the E-Value system.