Curricular materials for every student in the clerkship are available on the medical student website for printing, reading and disseminating as needed.

Each rotation, you will receive for each student a biography and credentialing forms specific to your site. You will also receive a document that includes student specific information preprinted forms, including: Name, rotation, site, course information and the UW Student ID number, all pre-printed on the following forms: 4 page evaluation (can be printed out if you use paper evaluations for your site), Mid Clerkship Feedback, neonatal and pediatric physical exam forms, Clinical Encounters worksheet and the Ethics Essay Evaluation form. If you are not getting this, please let Carla Salldin know.

You will also receive for each medical student a "Basic Pediatric Clerkship" manual, a "Survival Guide" and a annual immunizations schedule that is labeled with each student name.

Final Exam:

The final examination will be mailed to your site approximately 3 weeks prior to the exam date. If you do not have the exam by the Tuesday before the exam, please contact Carla immediately.

Exam score percentages (a student must get):

>= 80% Honors, missing 18 or less questions out of 90
>= 75% High Pass, missing 22 or less questions out of 90
>= 70% Pass, missed 27 or less questions out of 90

Required materials sent to Program office

Student items required to be turned in from the student during the clerkship and are to be forwarded to Seattle within 4 weeks after the end of the clerkship, see list below. Additional items may be submitted and are not limited to the list below.

  1. Exam (student)
  2. Student answer sheet
  3. Master answer key
  4. Pediatric mini CEX
  5. Neonatal mini CEX
  6. Clinical encounters worksheet
  7. Mid Clerkship feedback (copy)
  8. Ethics Essay evaluation form
  9. H&P write up (no patient identifiable information)

  10. Student Resources that you can highlight to the students, more will be added over time:

    • Seattle Pediatric Clerkship Lecture Series Recordings
    • Seattle Pediatric Clerkship Lecture Series Audio Only Podcasts
    • Watch Seattle Children's Grand Rounds on-line

    These links are located on the Pediatric Medical Student webpage: