Medical Student Sites

Educators can be faculty or residents at medical student sites.

Training Sites and Directors (coordinators if applicable)

Clinical Phase


  • LIC(Olympia/Centralia)-Parimal Deodhar and Lily Lo
  • Everett – Peony Liu and Jan Jester
  • Moses Lake – Jill Dudik Bross, MD
  • Seattle – Sherilyn Smith, MD and Jordan Symons, MD (Sara Fear)
  • Spokane – Kimberly Grandinetti, MD and Robert Maixner, MD (Nancy Granlund)
  • Tacoma (Madigan) – Susan Mosier, MD (Holly Miller)
  • Tacoma (Mary Bridge) – Mary Fairchok, MD (Kareena Andreas)
  • Wenatchee – Philip Milnes, MD


  • Cheyenne – Katarina Zarzycki, MD (Rebekah Drieling)
  • Jackson – Travis Riddell, MD


  • Anchorage – Melinda Rathkopf, MD (Shyla Dema)


  • Billings – Brian Starr, MD (Suzie Thomas, Track Office)
  • Bozeman – Angie Ostrowski, MD
  • Great Falls – Dennis Ruggerie, MD
  • Helena – Tom Strizich, MD (Chris Kiser)
  • Missoula – Laurie Carter, MD (Liz Kelsey, Track Office)


  • Boise – Perry Brown, MD (Kaye Nelson)
  • Idaho Falls – Kelly Anderson, MD (Natalie Snarr)
  • Pocatello – Shaun Summerill, MD (Tara Cottrell)
  • Lewiston - Darby Justis, MD

Exploration Phase

All WWAMI states

  • PEDS 699P WWAMI Special Elective – Sherilyn Smith, MD or Jordan Symons, MD (Carla Salldin)

Bellevue, WA

Peds 619P - Instroduction of the Care of Newborn Infant - Shilpi Chabra, MD

Spokane, WA

  • PEDS 624P Pediatric Emergency Medicine – Christian Rocholl, MD (Chandler Hill, MD)
  • PEDS 636P Pediatric Cardiology – C. Chris Anderson, MD
  • PEDS 672P Pediatric Office Practice – Kimberly Grandinetti, MD
  • PEDS 692P Advanced General Pediatrics (Sub-I) – David Fregeau, MD

Tacoma, WA (Mary Bridge)

  • PEDS 693P Advanced General Pediatrics (Sub-I) – Mary Fairchok, MD (Kareena Andreas)

Anchorage, AK

  • PEDS 637P Pediatric Cardiology – Scott Wellman, MD

Boise, ID

PEDS 635P Pediatric Cardiology-Boise - Michael Womack, MD

PEDS 640P Pediatric Gastroenterology – Tyler Burpee, MD

PEDS 678P Pediatric Infectious Disease – Ingrid Lundgren, MD

PEDS 690P Advanced General Pediatrics (Sub-I) – Perry Brown, MD (Kaye Nelson)

Billings, MT

PEDS 620 Pediatric Sub-Specialty Clinics – Brian Starr, MD

Missoula, MT

PEDS 628P - Pediatric Allergy and Immunology-Missoula - Carol Cady, MD

PEDS 629P - Neonatal Pediatrics-Missoula - Bonnie Stephens, MD

Lander, WY

  • PEDS 689 Advanced Rural Pediatrics – Jackie Nelson, MD