Timeline and process outline

An initial Clinical Faculty appointment can take up to 4 months to complete.

The timeline begins once you complete your application. Upon completion, route the application packet to your site director for a letter of reference and then your regional dean's office for additional letters of support. Please see the list of regional office contacts below for reference.

The regional office will send your application to the University of Washington Clinical Affairs Office where an additional letter will be produced by the Academic Affairs Dean. The support letters and your application packet will be submitted to the WWAMI Program office.

The packet will be sent to the Department of Pediatrics offices for recording and data entry into the University of Washington Clinical Faculty system.

Once the system information has been entered at the UW, an Employee ID and temporary password will be generated and you will receive your appointment letter, rank, appointment effective date and guidelines regarding your appointment.

Your site director, regional Dean's office and Dean of Academic Affairs office will be notified of your completed appointment.

For any inquiries, please contact My Linh Nguyen, WWAMI Program Coordinator at Mylinh.Nguyen@seattlechildrens.org