Timeline and process outline

To get an initial appointment in the Department of Pediatrics, it has a typical time frame of 3-4 months.

Your application is completed and the timeline begins. It is routed to your site director for a letter of support, then routed to your regional deanís office for an additional letter of support. Once these are completed, they are forwarded to the University of Washington, Clinical Affairs office and will get an additional letter of support from the Academic Affairs Dean. The entire packet will be forwarded to the Chair of the Department of Pediatrics or to the WWAMI Pediatrics Program office.

Applications are then checked for completeness and an additional letter from the Chair is requested.

A personnel form will be attached and the entire packet will be forwarded to the Department of Pediatrics offices for recording and entering data into the University of Washington Clinical Faculty system.

Once the system information at the UW has been entered, an Employee ID will be generated for you and a temporary password issued. This information is sent to the Pediatric WWAMI Program Office, where it will be forwarded to you with the official notification from the Chair congratulating you on your approved appointment, provide your rank, effective date of your appointment and guidelines regarding your appointment.

Your site director, regional Deanís office and Dean of Academic Affairs office will be notified of your completed appointment.