Promotion guidelines

Clinical Faculty promotions occur once each academic year. The Clinical Faculty will be given rank according to their qualifications and service to the Department of Pediatrics. To be proposed for promotion you must meet the requirements of the next rank.

Annually, a request is sent to all sites, regional offices and program directors, to review a list of current clinical faculty for their area. Occurring in the early Autumn of each year, a letter is sent asking people to review and submit a list of proposed Clinical Faculty for their respective areas. Another request is sent to each of the proposed clinical faculty to submit the required documents for promotion. All promotional documentation is required to be returned to our office, with the appropriate letters of recommendation attached by the late Autumn, actual deadlines are sent in the original letter requesting proposed clinical faculty.

If you feel that you should be proposed for promotion, please talk with your Site Coordinator or Regional Dean to discuss the criteria and to begin the process for promotion.