Welcome to Wenatchee. Your Pediatric clerkship offers the opportunity to learn with a faculty dedicated to your success in developing an understanding of the pediatric patient from birth through adolescence. We practice Pediatrics in a rural setting near some of the most beautiful places in Washington State.

The Pediatric Faculty

Philip Milnes, MD
Course Director
Brenda Baumeister, MD bbaumeister@wvmedical.com
Teo Bitiu, MD tbitiu@wvmedical.com
Douglas Eisert, MD deisert@wvmedical.com
Peter Holden, MD pholden@wvmedical.com
Jim Jantzen, MD jjantzen@wvmedical.com

The faculty are on staff at the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center and at Central Washington Hospital. Patient care and clinical teaching will be conducted at both sites.

The Curriculum

The Pediatric educational goals are robust and include:

Daily clinical practice and preceptorship with a broad range of Pediatric patients;

Learning how to produce a good quality dictated clinic note documenting the patient encounter;

Training in and performing the Pediatric specific physical examinations;

Completion of all CLIPP cases;

Three detailed patient write ups, using the Pediatric history and physical database;

A written evaluation of bioethical issues involved in a Pediatric specific case;

An oral or written presentation of a Pediatric case with review of the pertinent medical science and clinical issues involved;

An online final examination of multiple choice questions drawn from the CLIPP cases.

Moving through the curriculum will require diligence and good time management, as your six week rotation will go by quickly. Bring your stethoscope. We will provide the other diagnostic equipment and a laptop with access to the medical databases at WVMC and CWH.

Before Arrival

In the week before arrival, please contact the course director, Dr. Philip Milnes, pmilnes@wvmedical.com or 509.663.8711 for any specifics. We are looking forward to your participation.