Madigan (Tacoma), Washington - PEDS 667 P

  1. Formal H&P(s) copy handed in to Dr. Connors for a Pediatric Patient admitted to 4 North Pediatric Ward (USUHS and UW students).
  2. Oral Case Presentation of a Pediatric patient evaluated in the Pediatric Clinic or ER who was not admitted or presented at noon time lecture (USUHS students).
  3. Observed Exams (formative only but REQUIRED)
    (1) UW-Mini Cex- newborn and outpatient
    (2) USUHS-SCE on Outpatient Clinic; SCO on NBN and Ward
  4. Evaluations:
    (1) UW-paper evaluations submitted to outpatient staff preceptors (5), newborn nursery attending and ward attending/residents
    (2) USUHS-submit EVALUE on line OR paper outpatient form to Outpatient Clinic and paper inpatient evaluation form for newborn and ward
  5. Ethics exercise (UW directions in UW handbook-review Ethics cases with Clinic Psychologist. USUHS students complete Reflective Practice on line blog and session with Clinic Psychologist.
  6. Examinations
    (1) USUHS students: National Board Medical Examiner’s Pediatrics Exam last day of rotation and CLIPP quiz.
    (2)UW Students: UW on-line examination based on CLIPP cases last day of rotation.
    (3) Other Students: Pediatric Core Exam.