Dress Code

Madigan (Tacoma), Washington - PEDS 667 P

MAMC and the Army dress and appearance regulations

The regulations must be upheld at all times as everyone training with MAMC, both Military and civilians, are representing the Military, MAMC, and GME.

White coats and scrubs are not permitted to be worn to and from MAMC, regardless if it is MAMC issued, personal, or from your school. Only MAMC white coats and scrubs should be worn, unless otherwise directed by the department director or GME. White coats must have at least two buttons buttoned. I have seen a few trainees wearing white coats unbuttoned, to and from the parking lots, this is against MAMC regulation. If you are wearing scrubs, you must wear a white or scrub coat in the library or dining facility.

Civilians must maintain neat and clean professional or business casual clothing (determined by department), groomed hair and trimmed facial hair (Civilian Dress Code-CIR 690-1).

Thank you for upholding The military and MAMC regulations and representing MAMC and GME in a professional manner.