Spokane, Washington - PEDS 668 P

Welcome to the Spokane Pediatric WWAMI Clerkship. In the six weeks that follow, our pediatric community will work to communicate our thoughtful concern for children and their special problems in your pediatric education. In addition, we will provide you with the "core facts" of pediatrics. The time will pass all too quickly and at best we will merely whet your appetite for pediatrics.

Each University of Washington medical student is unique in his or her educational needs, and adjustments in our program are easily made to accommodate the individual student. Frequent and candid communication between the student and director must take place if we are to accomplish our mutual goals.

Sacred Heart Children's Hospital

You will meet with Dr. Robert Maixner and Nancy at 7:30am at the front entrance to the hospital, on the first day of your clerkship. You will receive a notebook with a free meal card for your clerkship duration (families not included on card), your pediatric rotation schedule, handouts, reading materials, driving directions to the various clinics. You will receive a photo ID badge for admission to all area's of the Children's Hospital and a key for the Peds WWAMI Office. (Please note that if any of the articles given to you on your rotation are lost you have a cost to bear as all cards are in the Security system of the hospital).

WWAMI Directors:
Robert Maixner, MD

General Pediatrician
Sacred Heart Children's Hospital
105 W. 8th, Ste 418
Spokane, WA 99204
Email: Robertpmax@comcast.net
Phone: (509) 474-3010

Kimberly Grandinetti, MD
General Pediatrician
Kaiser Permanente
322 W. North River Drive
Spokane WA 99201
Email: kgrandi@hotmail.com

Office Coordinator:
Nancy Granlund

Sacred Heart Children's Hospital
West 101 8th Ave - Floor L2E
Spokane, WA 99204
Email: Poodles349@aol.com
Phone: (509) 474-3010
Fax: (509) 892-6679

Additional Contact:

Faculty (Preceptors)

Our preceptor group in Spokane is one of the largest in the WWAMI Program at this time. You will get an opportunity to see many different ways to approach a given problem. Part of the learning process is to develop your own approach to problems. You will have a good number of models from which you can draw upon. If this becomes confusing to you, we encourage you to discuss this with the individual preceptor alone. While we encourage you to voice your thoughts and feelings about any given situation, we do ask that you respect the need for discretion.


The WWAMI Office has many more pediatric books available for your use.


Stethoscope and oto-ophthalmoscope are required. There is a computer in the WWAMI office that links to the U of W website. You will be provided a key and security card if you need to access the office during non-business hours.


We have a spacious health sciences library at Sacred Heart, located in the Mother Gamelin Center, your security badge will allow access after regular hours. There is also a small library of pediatric specialties located in the Peds WWAMI office.