Seattle, Washington - PEDS 665 P


This is an outline to facilitate your time at Children’s Hospital and the outpatient sites in Seattle. If you have any questions, please clarify with either the clerkship directors or the staff in the Medical Student Program office.

General Clerkship

  1. 25 case studies (core curriculum).
  2. Perform 2 observed PE on children. See below for more information. Forms in packet materials.
  3. Required conferences:
    a. 8AM Thursday morning Grand Rounds in Children's Wright Auditorium
    b. 9:45AM Thursday morning conferences, usually held in room R.C.3.905 (River, subsection C, room 905)
  4. Final examination held on the last day of clerkship at 1:30PM at Children's


  1. Complete one observed physical examination with the Resource Senior or another resident on your team. Have the resident complete the purple form. Return the form by the last of the clerkship to the Medical Student Office. (This can also be done while on outpatient).
  2. As a part of the inpatient team:
    1. Perform Histories and Physicals on at least 10 patients.
    2. Copy of 2 H&P's to your inpatient house attending for review (week 1 and week 3)
    3. Copy of 1 H&P emailed to Dr. Sherilyn Smith ( by 5PM Friday week two
    4. Write daily SOAP notes on your patients
    5. Participate as a member of the inpatient team per the individual team schedules
  3. Attend afternoon clerkship conferences. See your personal calendar for times and locations.
  4. Presentation: short (10 minute) PowerPoint presentation, on a topic in pediatrics, at the week three 3PM Student Conference. Please include a reference slide at the end of your presentation.


  1. Complete one observed physical examination while in Newborn Nursery. Return the purple form by the last day of the clerkship to the Medical Student Office.
  2. Obtain the clinic specific checklist on the first day of your outpatient rotation. Complete the clinic specific checklist for Harborview Pediatric Clinic, Odessa Brown Clinic, or Roosevelt Clinic as directed by your outpatient site coordinator.
  3. Optional: complete 2 CD-rom educational tutorials in the Medical Student Office (Thursday mornings following 8:00AM Grand Rounds)

Administrative Check-Out Seattle Children's (see Sara):

  1. Turn in your ID badge.
  2. Return borrowed books and/or pagers.
  3. Turn in any pending documentation (Observed PE forms, Patient Encounters checklist).

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