Jackson, Wyoming - PEDS 655 P


Come to the Jackson Pediatrics office at 9:00 AM on the first day of your rotation.† Our office is on the campus of St. Johnís Medical Center (see address here) on the ground floor of Professional Building II, which is located in the Northwest corner of the campus.† (From the apartment, take the first driveway at St. Johnís and follow it to the back parking lot).

Clinical Responsibilities

You will be assigned to a pediatric preceptor each day, Monday through Friday.† There is no overnight call.† The workday generally begins at 8:00-9:00 AM with rounds at the hospital.† After rounds you will see patients in clinic for the day, followed by evening rounds.† You will be assigned to individual preceptors for each day at the time of your arrival.† Additionally, you will have one weekend of at-home call, during which time you will round in the hospital with a preceptor and come to the hospital for any emergency room consults, deliveries, or other urgent events.

Special Opportunities

It may be possible to arrange clinical experiences with local specialists who care for children and/or visiting pediatric specialists.† If you are interested, please discuss these opportunities with the site director.

Dress Code

White coats and ties are unnecessary.† Please dress in business-casual attire (i.e. slacks, khakis, or skirts and button downs or blouses).† You will be provided with an I.D. badge for the hospital.