Clinic Information


Cheyenne Children's Clinic
2301 House Avenue, Suite 405
Cheyenne WY 82001

Clerkship Coordinators

Katarzyna Zarzycki, MD
Sadie West, MD


Rebekah Dreiling
Phone: (307) 635-7961
Fax: (307) 632-6132

Cast of Characters

Dr. Joe Horam
Dr. Bob Leland
Dr. Bob Prentice
Dr. Carol Schiel
Dr. Danae Stampfli
Dr. Rayna Gravatt
Dr. Katarzyna Zarzycki
Dr. Joseph Dramko
Dr. Andrew Rose
Dr. Sadie West
PA-C Marissa Pichel


Cheyenne Regional Medical Center 4th floor of the Medical Office Building

Special Opportunities

As the only pediatric clinic in the area, more in-depth exposure to pediatric issues is available. Each physician has his/her own style and special interest including care of the newborn, adolescent medicine, child behavior and development, school problems, care of the hospitalized patient, and handicapping and chronic conditions in childhood. Pediatric Cardiac and Rehabilitation specialists conduct clinics at Cheyenne Children's Clinic four times a year each.