Getting Ready

Anchorage, Alaska - PEDS 661 P

Getting Ready for your Anchorage Peds Rotation

The Pediatric WWAMI Medical Student Program will contact you via email approximately 5-6 weeks prior to the start of your rotation. This email will request that you provide the following information:

  • Student Biographical Information (Google Form)
    • Please complete the form and submit
  • Background Check
    • A copy of your Background Investigation form and Letter of Good Standing will be sent to Anchorage prior to your arrival by Trudy Furberry. You can check with her if you have changed to the Anchorage rotation in the past 3-4 months; you may want to contact Trudy to confirm a letter was sent on your behalf.
  • Pre-Application PAMC (PDF)
    • Please complete this form 30 days prior to your rotation start date.
    • If you have questions you may phone: 907-212-3185
    • This pre-application, once received by PAMC will initiate two e-mails to you. The first will contain a link to a secure site that will have the on-line application; the second will have your password to complete the application. You may then fill out the application online. It is important you read all of the instructions carefully as different computer programs may or may not be compatible.

Medical Student Coordinator
Pediatric WWAMI Medical Student Office
Seattle Children's
OC.7.830, 4800 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: (206) 987-2063