Timeline - Applying for Pediatric Residencies

The following timeline outlines a few more details about applying for pediatric residencies:

Third Year

Identify people to write letters of recommendation as you go through your clerkships


Schedule electives; USMLE II and OSCEs
Contact Pediatric career advising unit for assistance
Read email sent to the class
See FAQ about electives


Assignment of Career Advisors
Contact career advisor to:
Review schedule/dd>
Discuss application plans and reasons for applying to pediatrics/dd>
Review timeline of application

Begin to review information about programs from websites

Fourth Year


Gather information about programs from websites
Open ERAS application
Contact people for writing letter of recommendations
Write your personal statement.
Meet with your career advisor (if you haven't done this).
Talk with residents and visiting students about different programs during rotations.
Attend BBQ with fellow students and residents about various programs.
Make an appointment for a Chairman's letter


Submit your ERAS application
Follow up on letters of recommendation
Attend gathering at Dr. Stapleton's house to discuss interviewing.


Follow up and make sure there are no problems with your ERAS application.
Begin to schedule interviews.

October - mid January

Interview and have fun.
Keep track of each program's strengths, weaknesses and your general impressions.
Write follow-up thank you notes.


Discuss your impressions of programs with family and friends
Begin to create your rank list


Complete interviews
Contact programs to indicate your interest in their program


Review your rank list with your career advisor, college mentor etc.
Submit your rank list.


Match day and you are on your way!