Equipment is all around us. Anything purchased by the UW that's used in our labs and offices is considered equipment and is the property of the University of Washington. If you have old items to get rid of, do not throw them away in the trash. Anything remotely usable can be sent to UW's Surplus Property.

Items $5000 or more are tagged with barcode inventory stickers. These items are tracked by the University and cannot be sold, given away, thrown away, or transferred to a different institution without prior approval from the Equipment Inventory Office. Please consult with the Pediatrics Central Administration Team by sending an email to before taking any action with these tagged items.

Pediatrics also has annual surplus events to encourage all our labs and offices to clean out their clutter. If you have items for surplus, just email for more information. Depending on your situation we can possibly redistribute usable items, arrange a private pick up, or collect your items for our annual group event.