UW Pediatrics Administrative Team

The UW Pediatrics Administration contact list is available here.

Who do I call for... ?


Facilities/Building Requests

Key Requests

Phone Requests/Changes

Equipment Inventory and Insurance

Autoclave/Glass washing

Rose Rulloda (, 616-4670

Academic Personnel

Faculty Appointments

Julie Hanon (, 987-5554


Purchasing Requests and Reimbursement Requests

(, 221-6350/221-9032)

Central Travel Account Requests 221-6350/221-9032

Purchasing and Travel Guidelines, Grant & Contract Certification Reports, and UWATs

Rose Rulloda (, 616-4670)

Human Resources

UWHires (hiring), UW Payroll, and Benefits

(, 206-987-8411)

Employee Performance Issues, Lay-off, and/or General HR Questions

Heather Bliss (, 206-987-8402)

Graduate Medical Education

Kari Dietrich (, 987-2527): General questions regarding UW Peds GME Program, Fellows, and/or Residents

Visas/Visiting Appointments

Pediatrics HR (, 206-987-8402)

Post-doc Appointments

Pediatrics HR (, 206-987-8402)


Helpdesk requests

Pediatrics Helpdesk:, 543-7337
Mike Kortas (, 685-4205): Helpdesk, Servers, Setup of server accounts

Nate Hillers (, 685-4261): Helpdesk, Servers, Setup of server accounts

Web Site Requests/Updates

Pediatrics web site requests (, 543-3182): Web site changes/updates/requests