Managing Your Pediatrics Windows Domain Password

Are you a new Pediatrics Domain user or just had your password reset by Pediatrics IT? You will want to Change or Reset your password to maintain a confidential password.

You may also download these instructions here.

Portal Enrollment Procedure

Please note:

If you are new to the Pediatrics Domain you may need to contact the Pediatrics HelpDesk for questions/support.

(206) 543-PEDS ((206) 543-7337)

Navigate to

If this is the first time you have used the Portal and have not yet enrolled, click on the Enroll tab and select two Security Questions:

Click on the Verification Code tab and enter your email address. This email address will be used to send the verification code in the event you need to RESET your password.

Changing Your Pediatrics (Pedom) Domain Password (must be enrolled first)

Navigate to

If you already know your password and simply want/need to change it:

  1. Click the “Change Password” option in the left frame
  2. Then enter your Pedom User Name and Password and click Login.
  3. In the next screen, enter your current password then enter your new password and reenter to confirm in the boxes provided.

After successfully changing your password, click Sign Out at the top left side of the screen.

RESET'ing your Pediatrics (Pedom) Domain Password

If you have forgotten your Pedom Domain password and have previously enrolled in the Password Mgmt Portal, click to RESET Password at the Password Mgmt Portal login page (

  1. Enter your Pedom Domain User Name, then click Continue.
  2. Select to use Reset using a Verification Code (automatically generated and sent to your predefined email address or to answer your predefined security questions.

If you select to use the verification code, a randomly generated code will be sent to your email address. Go to your email mailbox and enter the code in the Verification Code box:

If you select the Security Question method, enter your Security Answers to the questions you select when you first enrolled.

After successfully entering the Verification Code or the Security Answers you’ll be able to enter your new password. Password Policy Requirements are listed on this page. You’re will also need to enter the characters shown in the picture. Please note you have a limited time to complete this procedure.