Purchasing Hardware

The systems listed below are pre-approved by the Department of Pediatrics IS Group. These computers have been tested and are fully compatible with UW Medical Center clinical and departmental applications. These computers are base systems, and can be enhanced by the addition of memory, larger hard drives, a second monitor, etc. We encourage you to use UW's eProcurement system. Dell offers the best prices available to the UW through eProcurement.


All new computers

  • Operating System:
    Apple computers: Current version of Mac OS Windows systems: UW licensed Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 10 Anniversary Edition
  • Warranty Coverage:
    Standard for most systems is 3 years. Extended warranties will add to the cost of the computer.
  • Damage Coverage:
    Recommended for laptops only and will add to the cost of the computer.
  • Insurance Coverage:
    Especially recommended for laptops, due to high risk of loss or theft. Contact Peds Central Admin for cost estimates.

Purchasing Process

purchasing flowchart

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Procedure for purchasing computers with UW faculty funds located at Seattle Children's Research Institute (SCRI)

By following this procedure, you may purchase a computer with UW faculty funds that will be supported by SCRI computing staff. Software licenses must be purchased through Seattle Children's when using this procedure.
Purchase Process for Computers Housed at SCRI