Deskmail Retirement Dec. 31, 2017

Dear Peds Faculty and Staff,

Recently you may have received an email from UW stating their intentions to completely remove the old Deskmail/Alpine system. If you have received notification regarding the Deskmail/Alpine email retirement, you most likely have a Deskmail/Alpine email account.  The following information is provided to help guide you through the process of migrating to the new UW Exchange Online email system.

If you are actively using Deskmail/Alpine now (your UW email is forwarding to Deskmail) your Deskmail box will be maintained until Dec. 31st 2018.

Here are the steps to complete the migration of your legacy UW Deskmail to the new system. Please read through all steps carefully before proceeding.

Step One

Change your email forwarding from Deskmail to UW Office 365. Do this by going to the following website. After completing this step, all new mail will be delivered to the Office 365 mailbox.

Once you’ve changed your forwarding to Exchange, you will need to add this new account to all devices (computers, phones, tablets) to see your new mail. We need to know the device type, email client and version to assist with this.


Step Two

Verify new email access is working by visiting the following website (note: you can use this site to access your email on the web from now on instead of Alpine so bookmark this site).

Send yourself an email to verify mail is now being delivered to Office 365.


Step Three

Submit a request to have your old Deskmail copied to the new Office 365 account. You should see all your old mail in a folder called “Mail” under the new account once the process completes.

Be sure to fill out the form completely. Select  "Deskmail" as the service/account that data is copying from and use the following budget info:


Budget coordinator: Rose Rulloda

Mailbox of budget coordinator: 356320

Budget number: Please Contact for proper budget#

PCA Task, Service Element and PCA Project: leave blank


After you receive confirmation that the copy request has been completed, verify you can view your old mail under your new Office 365 account.

Note that no Calendar or Contact info is copied, only mail.


Step Four

The last step is to deactivate the Deskmail service associated with your UW account. You can do so at the following website:

This will result in the deletion of the old Deskmail account along with all the old email so make sure the copy of the old email to the new account was successful before deactivating!

If you choose not to deactivate, the old account and email will be automatically deleted in 3 weeks.


To get Alpine Contacts

If you want, you can use the link below to export a copy of your Alpine contacts. Just click “Export contacts now”. You will get an email with an attachment containing the exported contact info. You can then import them to your new Exchange account. The steps to do so depend on the email client you are using. Let us know what email client/version you are using and we can provide instructions.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please let us know.


Pediatrics IT Staff
Department of Pediatrics
University of Washington