Deskmail Retirement Dec. 31, 2017

Dear Peds Faculty and Staff,

Recently you may have received an email from UW stating their intentions to completely remove the old Deskmail/Alpine system. If you have received notification regarding the Deskmail/Alpine email retirement, you most likely have a Deskmail/Alpine email account.  The following information is provided to help guide you through the process of migrating to the new UW Exchange Online email system.

If you are actively using Deskmail/Alpine now (your UW email is forwarding to Deskmail) your Deskmail box will be maintained until Dec. 31st 2018.

To confirm your current UW Email ( or is still the older Deskmail system:

Go here:

If your email is forwarding to UW Deskmail, you have until Dec 31st 2018 to migrate to the UW Exchange Online account.

When you are ready to migrate to the new UW Exchange Online email, you can request to have the contents of your current Deskmail mailbox copied over.  The Web-based request form to get this process started can be found here:  See information below  for filling out the form.

If for some reason you need help resetting your UW NetID Password (required for access to Deskmail), please contact UW-IT directly: or 206.221.5000.

**Options for Pediatrics Faculty and Staff who need to migrate their Deskmail box content to the new UW Exchange Online System**

There are two options to migrate your Deskmail content to Exchange Online: manual migration and supported migration. If you choose supported migration, the Department of Pediatrics will pay the $25 migration fee per mailbox. The Deskmail Retirement Decision Tree in the attached .PDF directs you to the online request form. For the supported migration option, you will need the following budget information:

Budget coordinator: Rose Rulloda
Mailbox of budget coordinator: 356320
Budget number: (Please Contact for the proper budget #)
PCA Task, Service Element and PCA Project: leave blank

As always, please call or email with any questions,


Your Pediatrics IT Team